The Wildflower Difference

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What you can expect from Wildflower

Wildflower comes from the Pacific Northwest where cannabis has a long and rich cannabis history. We develop our products by listening to the mature cannabis-smart consumers and experienced dispensary bud tenders’ feedback. We go the extra mile to find the best technologies, use the highest quality cannabis and pair it with the most synergistic ingredients to maximize the benefits of cannabis.

We offer a full line-up of cannabis  products for the most effective and appealing delivery of the  healing properties of cannabis.


Cannabis is not just for smoking. Upgrade to a more targeted and smarter cannabis solution.


All of our products are Made in the USA by Wildflower

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

100% Natural Ingredients

Wildflower Vaporizer Pens

The Wildflower Disposable Vaporizer pens work great, are all natural, great tasting, easy to use and above all, convenient.

Use these pens anywhere, anytime. The small size and light odour keeps your vaping experience very discreet and polite.

2. It’s great for both micro dosing and larger draws making it perfect for new and experienced cannabis consumers.

3. The vaporizer design is leak proof and the components are of the highest quality with food grade paint and stainless steel making it durable, reliable and safe to use.

Pure and natural blend of CO2 extracted cannabis oil that is winterized and blended with terpenes.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.



Products containing THC are only available via your Washington State retailer and cannot be purchased on-line.

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